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March 1 – 12 May, 2024

Only the future revisits the past

  • Marta Bogdańska (PL), 
  • Omar Victor Diop (SN), 
  • Nikki Lam (AU/HK), 
  • Tace Stevens (Noongar/Spinifex/AU), 
  • and Stephanie Syjuco (US)

Open March 1st til May 12th.

Opening event March 2nd 4-8pm


It is well established that photography and film record the past, but these types of documents can also transform and dictate the future.

Only the future revisits the past brings together artists Marta Bogdańska, Omar Victor Diop, Nikki Lam, Tace Stevens and Stephanie Syjuco whose works look towards the past—via archives, institutional and museum collections, family histories, and historic depictions—to speculate future states and possibilities. Through deep engagement and considered intervention, these artists disrupt received structures and narratives. In doing so, they explore ideas of agency and the limitations of representation.

This exhibition questions the formulation of accepted knowledge and accounts, and asks: what role does memory and history play in forming our futures?


Part of the PHOTO 2024 Program.

CCP is delighted to partner with Ross Coulter from CoulterCoulter 3D VR Tours to capture a virtual tour of Only the future revisits the past.

This exhibition is supported by:

This exhibition is supported by our Major Partners for 2024 Hahnemühle, Spicers Australia and Final Grade. All works in this exhibition have been printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper, by Final Grade Printing. All CCP signage, posters and postcards printed by HCPro and supplied by Spicers Australia.

Omar Victor Diop’s exhibition Diaspora is supported by the Insititut Français and the Embassy of France in Australia.