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CCP receives a small percentage of operational funding through government programs, leaving us to generate the rest of our much-needed funding annually through donations, partnerships, sponsorship and through income-generating activities. Key to this is the support of donors who, in supporting CCP provide an invaluable platform and home for a new generation of photographers.

CCP is a not-for-profit charity, with DGR status (deductible gift recipient), meaning that any donation in excess of $2 is tax deductible.

As a Donor you will be invited to private guided tours, donors-only events, and you will receive discounts on a range of products and purchases, be acknowledged in CCP signage, newsletters, and on the CCP website, social media; and more!

Donating to CCP supports future opportunities for Australian photographers, and enhances our capacity to provide world-class exhibitions here in Melbourne. Donations also create opportunities for artists and arts workers who need your support more than ever.

Donations can be made from $20 up to any amount – click here to donate via our website. Link – https://ccp.org.au/product-category/donation/

If you would like to meet with the Director, Daniel Boetker-Smith to discuss a donation or becoming a PATRON, please contact him directly – director@ccp.org.au

Online Donations

Please use our online shop to make a donation using your credit card. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Other donations

If you prefer not to use our online shop, or would like to donate to CCP via cheque or other means, please call 03 9417 1549. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Circle of Donors

We invite you to join our inner circle of supporters through a $1,000 donation. Our circle meets via special invitation to explore our program, engage directly with our artists, and connect with other donors and patrons.

For more information on our CIRCLE OF DONORS – click here