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Saturday, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
May 4, 2024

Feeling Seeing Gaze: Multi-sensorial Listening Through the Lens

This workshop suggests that if we can remain embodied and present when working with photographic subjects — we dare the gaze to be returned — so that instead of objectifying a person or object, through acts of ‘shooting’ or ‘capturing,’ we practice intimate and reciprocal collaboration and share power between who sees and who is being seen.

Workshop Facilitators

Shannon May Powell is a poet, photographic artist and somatic therapist whose work poses gestures of longing towards new possibilities of gender, sexuality and identity in a posthumanist world. Their practice is grounded in the body and relationally activated by the people and places they collaborate with.



Saturday 4 May
10am – 1pm

$50 (10% discount CCP members)

We cannot accept cancellations/refunds after the cut off date. Booking cut off date 27 April.

Further Details

What will I do in the workshop?

There will be an introduction presentation with a powerpoint and short film example exploring what the feeling-seeing gaze is and the queer canon of artists and photographers who have embodied this type of gaze. This will be followed by prompts for the participants to discuss how this type of gaze differs from other classical ways of seeing. Then we will move into a somatic practice to orient the photographic gaze from our bodies, from the feeling-seeing sense and perspective. Followed by an opportunity to experiment with this new way of composing and framing a portrait of someone or something. Lastly there will be time to review and discuss the experience of integrating this gaze into their practice.

Please bring:

  • A camera (of your choice – can be film or digital)


What are the workshop outcomes?

Practical knowledge and skills for orienting the participants gaze from an embodied and sensitive perspective.