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Photograph Your 2D & 3D Practice with Les & Andrey Walkling

Photograph your 2D and 3D practice

Learn how to document your practice from master photographers Les and andrey Walkling. This intensive two-day course will teach you the practical skills and understanding needed to successfully document your 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional works, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, costumes, jewellery, glassware and photographs, as well as provide you with the confidence and insight to commission professional documentation of your practice.

This course is for people who are passionate about their practice and are seeking to gain the skills to capture their work in the best light for print publications and via the web.

Specific topics include


Cameras and Lighting

  • Lenses, tripods, stability and optimum apertures
  • Lighting equipment, controls and modifications
  • Light tents, light boxes and seamless grounds
  • Flash versus continuous lighting
  • Optical diffraction, distortion and chromatic aberration
  • Tethered capture


2D Works

  • Geometry, alignment and scale
  • Flat lighting flat works
  • Balanced lighting with Equalight software
  • Reproducing surfaces, textures and colours
  • Drawings versus paintings versus prints
  • White balance and quality controls


3D Works

  • Perspective – drawing with a lens
  • Depth of field calculations
  • Lighting highlights, shadows and the third dimension
  • Negative spaces
  • Lighting backgrounds and light boxes
  • Green/blue screen and masking considerations


Post processing

  • RAW versus JPEG workflows
  • The five fundamentals of image editing
  • Catalogues, metadata and colour spaces
  • Print, web and archive standards and file formats
  • Monitor calibration and soft proofing
  • Pre press, hard proofs, guide prints and viewing conditions


Artists will also be given the opportunity to put all these skills to practice in the studio by photographing their works of art and taking home a high quality colour corrected reproduction of one of their works.