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June 9 – 23 July, 2017

Utako Shindo: 束の間の、つなぎのようなもの – That is, like a brief moment to be filled

  • Utako Shindo

a hole in the wall is like a lens a building is like an hollowed container

It is a projection of time through something that doesn’t move

Where does a mountain end? The line is movement, the movement is life

The pulse of the building continues to bleed like a rain, falling onto what enters to the lower, and to the upper gallery

A life comes and goes through this building which she speaks to, through which she feels the half light

The ending of it is lost, though as it always led us back to the beginning

That is where it is supposed to be

A moth, nearing its death a moment for a breath,

Imago flying

You see through the gap the slit, and the hole

the darkness where the light is the ephemeral

That is, like a brief moment to be filled

fertile silence, an inserted comma

The cat disappears into shadows, a nuance of love

I think of her she remains here through my feeling her

an opening line of lament’