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May 27 – 10 July, 2016

Gordon Bennett: Moving Images, Part One

  • Gordon Bennett

Helen Hughes and Chiara Scafidi

This two-part exhibition explores the role of moving-image works within the broader practice of Gordon Bennett. Spanning a range of different media, such as video, digital animation, performance documentation and painting, the works included in Gordon Bennett: Moving Images demonstrate the fluidity with which the artist sampled imagery from the art historical canon and popular culture, and highlight his process of remixing in the production of new work. In this exhibition, objects—such as a suit—and images—such as Philip Guston’s Ku Klux Klan masks and Margaret Preston’s generic Aboriginal staffage—move seamlessly from the painted canvas to the screen, revealing the computer (where cutting, pasting and remixing can be undertaken at a fast pace) to be a crucial compositional aid. This exhibition presents a unique opportunity to view rarely exhibited moving image works by both Gordon Bennett and John Citizen.

Curated by Helen Hughes and Chiara Scafidi