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Friday, 11:30 am – 12:00 pm
August 16 – August 16, 2019

From Power Lunches to Plush Hotels: George Apostolidis in conversation

Join CCP and George Apostolidis as they discuss his award-winning commercial photographic career. Having started out in the power lunch fuelled 1980s, hear about his journey from landing jobs through Wolfgang Sievers to building a reputation for his highly refined hand-cut and assembled images; and now travelling the world as the corporate photographer for luxury hotels, expanding his international following.

About the Artist

George Apostolidis is one of Australia’s leading commercial photographers.
His work is renowned for its strong composition and precise lighting quality, and for the last 30 years he has upheld an outstanding reputation for a strong work ethic, professional integrity and technical skill.

In 1983, just the second year of his professional career, George gained early acclaim by winning the AIPP Professional Photographer of the Year. He has since established himself as one of Australia’s leading photographers nationally and internationally in advertising, hospitality and tourism, and industrial construction.

George has maintained a diverse portfolio of work throughout his career, working as the corporate photographer for Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and Crown Resorts. His time is now spent travelling the world photographing luxury hotels and resorts throughout Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. He has also documented some of the biggest industrial construction projects ever built in Victoria, including the East-West Link, Sugarloaf Pipeline and the Victorian Desalination Plant.

George has been the recipient of numerous prestigious national and international photographic awards, including; AIPP – Australian Professional Photographer of the Year (1983); London International Advertising Awards – Gold ‘Best Photography’ for The Regent Hotel Melbourne (1991); AIPP – Australian Advertising Photographer of the Year (2000); Black And White Spider Awards – Professional Architecture Category Winner (2007); Lurzer’s Archive’s – Best 200 Advertising Photographers in the World (2004, 2006, 2014-2019).

Bringing with him the full power of his award-winning career, for the CCP Photo Fair George looks back at key advertising images from the power lunch fuelled 1980s. Everyday objects such as industrial plastics and make-up are transformed into sleek and powerful photographs through George’s masterful eye for colour and ability to construct shape and pattern, holding strong as contemporary images.

Shot before Photoshop changed the way photographers resolved images, these works underline not only George’s in-camera skills, but also his ability as a craftsman; to visualise a shot, and then to build and arrange objects, or hand-cut and assemble components, to deliver against this vision.