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Tuesday, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
February 19 – February 19, 2019

DO.OMYOGA live X Mystic Eyes

CCP is excited to be hosting London’s DO.OMYOGA for a very special pop up yoga session and live music collaboration with Mystic Eyes, a solo project from local artist Lisa MacKinney.

DO.OMYOGA is an immersive and deeply connecting yoga practice led by Kamellia Sara, based in London. Equal focus is placed on Mantra, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Philosophy for a holistic practice. Practiced alongside loud atmospheric Doom /Drone /Ambient /Avant-garde /Psychedelic music, DO.OMYOGA serves as a moving meditation as well as a deep listening meditation, encouraging deep introspection. A dynamic-restorative slow vinyasa-based yoga practice, it places strong emphasis on balancing dynamic ‘active’ postures with deeply connecting ‘passive’ postures. The intensity of the music acts as a driving force invigorating strength, yet at the same time complements the pace of the practice, and has the capacity to aid tension release and help sustain holding asana postures through its emotive nature.

A selection of music from the slower, heavier, vibrational and at times ambient end of the music spectrum is chosen to also serve as the ‘active’ principle balancing the energy of the practice into a harmonious integrated whole.

About Mystic Eyes
Mystic Eyes is a solo project from local artist Lisa MacKinney. Mystic Eyes has evolved over a ten-year period and explores the textural possibilities of the electric guitar in conjunction with pedals, feedback, loops and various keyboards.

Event details
All levels welcome, from beginners to regular practitioners.

Participants must bring their own yoga mat.

Limited changing facilities available.

No late admission, session starts at 6.30pm sharp. We advise participants to arrive 15 minutes early.