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Sunday, 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
August 6 – August 6, 2017

Artist Film Workshop Specimen Screenings

ROGRAM 1: Sunday 6 August, 6pm
10 films from the Artist Film Workshop
Hanna Chetwin, Soda, 2017, 16mm, 6mins – digital sound
Richard Tuohy, Pancoran, 2017, 16mm, 9mins – digital sound
Giles Fielke, Internal and External Objects, 2017,16mm, 7mins – digital sound
Zi-Yun Lam, Travel Film, 16mm, 3mins – digital sound
Madeleine Martiniello, Tomato Day, 2016, 16mm, 6mins – digital sound
Callum Ross-Thomson, Fire Mountain, 16mm, 10mins – digital sound
Lucas Haynes, Shoplifting, 16mm, 2mins – digital sound
Sabina Maselli, untitled, 16mm, 5mins – digital sound
Olivia Koh, frozen spit, digital video, 10mins – digital sound
Nina Gilbert, The Image Possibility, digital video, 8mins 5secs – digital sound

PROGRAM 2: Sunday 20 August, 6pm

I Walked With A Zombie
Jacques Tourneur, I Walked With A Zombie, 1943, 16mm, 69mins (print courtesy NFSA)
Introduced by John Flaus and with a reading from Ralph de Boissière’s Calypso Isle + guests