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World Photobook Day

The 14th October marks the 172nd anniversary of the publication of Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions by Anna Atkins. This book was the first photobook ever produced, it was self-published, with a limited number of copies, and each copy featured handwritten text. Atkins’ book was produced a full 8 months before Henry Fox Talbot’s ‘The Pencil of Nature’ was released.

To celebrate this anniversary the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive, the Photobook Melbourne Festival, and the Centre for Contemporary Photography have teamed up for World Photobook Day.

When: Wednesday 14 October, 6pm
Where: Centre for Contemporary Photography, 404 George St, Fitzroy

We have assembled a panel of renowned photographers, curators, publishers & photobookmakers—each will bring along the last photobook they purchased. There will be no lecterns, no screens, and no powerpoints—just real, actual photobooks. If you are attending you are also invited to do the same and bring along the last book you purchased. Each presenter will speak for 5 minute—there will plenty of time for discussion and for sharing of photobooks. This informal evening is presented by Heidi Romano (Photobook Melbourne Festival), Daniel Boetker-Smith (Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive) and the Centre for Contemporary Photography.