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CCP Salon Public Programs


Trent Parke

Saturday 5 December, 3pm—5pm
Presented with Ilford
Ilford showbag provided to each attendee.

Fancy handling a Trent Parke print and hearing from the Master Printer who produced it? Sandra Barnard will share tales from her 30-year practice as a photographic printer. Over her career, Barnard has worked with some of the greatest photographic artists in Australia, including Brook andrew, Simryn Gill, Rosemary Laing and Jacky Redgate. This is an opportunity to hear and see what goes on in the darkroom of one of Australia’s most fascinating studios.

Working mainly from film-based originals and printing optically in the darkroom (in both colour and black and white), Barnard prints on a variety of materials, often at large scale and sometimes crossing to digital for certain requirements. About 15 years ago she began to encourage artists to become more involved in the production of their work and as a result, she works closely with each artist to produce prints that evoke the qualities of their vision.

Barnard also prints remotely, for example working with Finnish artist Liisa Roberts towards the 2015 Venice. Via Skype, Barnard would test procedures to create Roberts’ works for Venice, resulting in a final set of works printed as 1.2×2 metre ctype prints from 10×8 colour negatives.

During 2013-2015 Barnard’s studio, sandyprints has also been busy producing large silver gelatine fibre prints (1.27m x up to 3metre) for several artists, including: Trent Parke, Simryn Gill and Brook Andrew.


Saturday 12 December, 3pm—5pm
Presented with Leica
Gold coin donation
No bookings reqired
 In the age of the solo photographer, what are the benefits of being part of a collective or starting a new one? Join us for an afternoon at CCP and learn more about some of Australia’s most effective collectives:
—The Story Collective

MAPgroup (Many Australian Photographers Group) is a non-profit association of approximately forty photographers who share a passion for, and commitment to, high quality, independent documentary photography. Our members range from emerging photographers to well-established professionals, many of whom are recipients of national and international awards. We use our various backgrounds and individual perspectives to explore diverse issues, often relating to social justice, the environment and rural communities. Through our photographs, we tell stories that might not otherwise be told by the mainstream media. and we produce exhibitions, books and visual archives that will be of value to future generations.

ND5 is an artistic collective formed in 2010 by four photographers, Christian Fletcher, Peter Eastway, Tony Hewitt, Les Walkling, and filmmaker Michael Fletcher. Some people speak of a return to nature; we wonder where they could have been. Sharing resources in a resource rich world is a small stand against the excesses of our culture and that artificial divide between being and Nature, land and country, colonisation and embeddedness. Collaboration may even be a plausible alternative to these hostilities because by its very nature collaboration forces compromise and contrition – where the importance of vision and imagination in changing minds, lives and policy, is as important as in composing words, poems and pictures.

AEVOE is a Melbourne-based photography/filmmaking collective that specialises in unearthing young talent and connecting them with high-end clients from around Australia. With members in New York, Seoul, London and heaps more, the collective has worked with clients such as Samsung, Fashion Journal, Pedestrian.TV, Melbourne Central and Chemist Warehouse. On top of providing young photographers and filmmakers with the opportunity to work with these kinds of clients, AEVOE also provides its members with invaluable exposure through its online platform, zines and photobooks.

Oculi was born of a collective response to the lack of support for local independent documentary storytelling. As acclaimed practicing photographers we shared a sense of frustration with the limitations in publishing and recognition of our uncompromising stories and images here in Australia. The creation of Oculi’s website in 2001 began as a ‘porthole’ to life in Australia as it happened, portraying both social and physical landscapes. Today, Oculi continues to set the tone in Australia for the best in reportage and art photography and is the country’s premier destination for commissioning and purchasing work. At the heart of our projects, both commissioned and personal, lies a central conviction—to reveal the beauty, wonder and struggle within everyday life; to show the extraordinary in the ordinary.

The Story Collective
The Story Collective is a team of multimedia producers based in Melbourne, Australia. We produce stories through video, photography, radio, web and written word on important issues – mainly around social justice and the environment. We specialise in multi-platform delivery of content with an emphasis on engaging with the audience through multiple mediums. With backgrounds in photojournalism and filmmaking, members of The Story Collective often team up with journalists, writers and web-developers to co-produce projects. Our work has featured on SBS, The Guardian, The Age, ABC and Radio National.