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April 29 – 3 July, 2022

Paul Mpagi Sepuya

  • Paul Mpagi Sepuya

One of the most distinctive voices in 21st century visual culture, Paul Mpagi Sepuya reveals the dynamics and mechanics of portraiture and photography, positioning queerness and Blackness at the core of the medium. Following critically-acclaimed presentations at MoMA and the Whitney Biennial, PHOTO 2022 brings together recent works that foreground the elemental conditions of Sepuya’s practice, including the photographer’s tools and studio, mirrors and velvet backdrops, and the interrelationship of photographer and subject.

The use of mirrors has long been a staple of Sepuya’s practice. In his recent work, the camera almost always records a reflection in the mirror, sometimes including fragments of test prints affixed to its surface, and smudges on the glass, a memory of touch that establishes a boundary between viewer and image. The images in this show demonstrate a range of Sepuya’s interconnected interests, zooming out on stages and drop scenes and focusing in on intimate spaces, evoking dark rooms both of photography and queer culture.

Curated by Photo Australia.

Supported by Mark Henry and Fini Frames.