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Artist Talk
Saturday, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
September 2, 2023

In Conversation with Darren Tanny Tan & Liss Fenwick

Saturday 2 September, 2- 3:30 pm

Liss Fenwick and Darren Tanny Tan feature in the current CCP exhibition ‘Walking Through the Darkness’ (21 July – 10 September 2023). Fenwick’s moving-image piece Mastotermes Darwinensis and Tanny Tan’s Lingchi photographic series are united by their exploration of themes surrounding historical representation and knowledge production, and their unique consideration of materiality and chance. This ‘ In Conversation’ will consider the ties between their artistic practice.

This event will be convened by CCP Curator Catlin Langford.

Free event. No bookings required.

Liss Fenwick is an artist  from Larrakia Country in the Northern Territory, and works between Larrakia Country and Naarm (VIC). Using photography, video, sound and material processes, Fenwick works with visual languages to explore speculative outcomes of failing human-centeredness and Euro-centrism.

Darren Tanny Tan is a Singapore-born, Melbourne-based visual artist. Through the presence of the body and the evocation of the natural world, Tan’s works reflect on the imperceptible forces that affect human existence. His work commonly features a consideration of materiality and he employs unorthodox processes as part of his practice, which can include the destruction of the image. This is part of his sustained meditation on morality and impermanence, and his work at once examines and betrays notions of history, the body, and their representations.