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June 15 – 11 August, 2019

Glenn Sloggett: Lose

  • Glenn Sloggett

Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) is excited to present Lose by Glenn Sloggett, a new neon artwork glowing 24/7 on the gallery’s street-facing Night Projection Window. Following Sloggett’s interest in failure as a mechanism and the endurance of the struggle, Lose is a flashing neon sign riffing off those commonly found in the windows of small businesses.

Sloggett’s work flashes intermittently between CLOSED and LOSE, suggesting that CCP itself is dilapidated and closed for business. Playing wryly on the visual language of advertising, Lose employs dark humour to transform the exterior of CCP into a symbol of broken capitalism and unsatiated desires.

Lose can be viewed outside the gallery 24/7 on the CCP Night Projection Window, or within Gallery 3 during opening hours alongside a series of photographic works by Sloggett as part of the group exhibition Why Take Pictures?.

Glenn Sloggett

Born 1964 Brisbane Qld Lives Melbourne Vic Fatherless, came from a poor family Completed BA (Media Arts) RMIT 1996 Supported himself financially during this time mopping out wank booths at sex shops Tough times followed, depression, anxiety, dead-end manual labour jobs in factories, kept going Showed with Stills Gallery, Sydney for 15 years, exhibitions included Filthy, Lost Man, Abandon National touring show, Cheaper and Deeper organised by Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney Institution shows, NGV Melbourne Now, AGNSW We used to talk about love, Australian Vernacular Blah, blah Made a book, Fibro Dreams Likes canned spaghetti