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August 5 – 18 September, 2016

Amanda Morgan: Fluid Architecture

  • Amanda Morgan

Fluid Architecture, is a part of a body of ongoing project begun in 2009 and is a multi screen animation and photographic work viewed in three parts through a singular window.

The work refers to localised iconography and architectural concepts taken from the site, the street outside the gallery, and light/architecture/cinema. This extends upon Tschumi’s three concepts of architectural program: Space, Event, and Movement.

Fluid Architecture is specific to Melbourne’s shared heritage and architecture plays upon scientific concepts of light as installation, optics, proportion, durational painting, filmic juxtaposition, distortion, frames, and sequences and montage within the urban environment.

The work looks at how we might see our cities as they change. In it, image-making technologies playfully activate urban spaces, and highlight our mobility through the gallery and street site, where the work is to be perceived.

Sections have been adapted from Landscaping Architecture with photographer James Morgan, and Fragile Architecture with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.