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Sunday, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
January 7 – January 7, 2018

Book Proposal Reviews with Michael Mack and Dan Rule

As a key pillar of the public program for The Art of Publishing: An Exhibition of MACK Books, Perimeter and CCP are offering a select group of photographers the chance to share and discuss their work with MACK founder and director Michael Mack and Perimeter co-director Dan Rule in a series of one-on-one Book Proposal Reviews.

The reviews will take place on Sunday January 7, 2018, and will give participants the opportunity to present a series of physical prints or a book dummy to both Michael Mack and Dan Rule during a 15-minute session with each reviewer. Participants are encouraged to consider the sessions as a chance to garner constructive advice and insights into how they might shape their series into a book.

A note from Michael Mack:
Before coming to show me your work please do think about what you hope to get out of our meeting. I will do my best to offer constructive advice but if you are looking to present a maquette for potential publication then it is important to bear in mind a few factors. Our list is entirely based on my subjective taste, which does not mean I can define it in a few words but I can mention a few things I am not interested in — for example, photographic series where the subject is the same but the location changes; fashion or celebrity photography. You will get a good idea of my interests if you look at our website, but perhaps what is not obvious from only seeing our books online is that we are interested in authors for whom the book is a distinct format for presentation of the work. Thanks, Michael.