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Shadow Sites Walking Tour

Past event

Sunday 24 April
Members are welcome to bring a plus one to this event.
Bookings required, email to secure your place.

What happens to artworks when they are hidden from view, resting in the vaults of an archive? Inside a commercial storage unit, a volcanic rock rests on light sensitive paper, a single fluorescent bulb illuminates a cement sculpture and a cast of a corrugated iron wall is neatly folded in a corner, prudently waiting. Fifteen minutes-walk away in a gallery space at the Centre for Contemporary Photography, a photograph of the volcanic rock fades over time, a plastic sheet with traces of the cement is laid bare and two photographs of the casting process reflect in one another. Here, the artists' documents and working processes are present, while the artworks themselves inhabit the unusual surrounds of National Storage Collingwood.

Examining the relationship between artwork, its documentation and viewing spaces, shadow sites explores how art is understood both within and outside the gallery. Over the course of eight weeks, seven artists working with photography, sculpture and language present new site responsive works that explore the relationship between original and document, tracing the stages of production and display.

Join the curators Samantha McCulloch and Frances Wilkinson of shadow sites for an informal discussion across both exhibition venues. Starting at Centre for Contemporary Photography, the curators will introduce the project, discussing the first part of the exhibition. The group will then take a short walk to National Storage Collingwood where the curators will talk about the artworks and the site, moving through each display unit. Members are welcome to participate in discussion, ask questions or simply listen and enjoy the conversations.

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