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Sarah Pannell, Halfeti, East of the Euphrates, 2014

Documenting the Everyday with Sarah Pannell

Saturday 19 October 2019
$150 Members, $175 Non-members

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In this one-day workshop you will begin with a brief on creating a short sequence of photographs exploring the concept of the ‘everyday’. Following this, you will take part in a photo walk, using techniques and ideas outlined in the brief. These images* will be downloaded then edited, sequenced and discussed in the afternoon session of the workshop.

*You may also choose to bring an existing series along to be edited and discussed. The workshop is suitable to both film and digital photographers.

Combining landscape, street and documentary styles of photography, participants will be challenged to find interesting and original visual elements in their everyday life, endeavouring to create a sequence of photographs that weave a simple narrative.

Sarah Pannell will draw on her experience, as a documentary photographer and photo-bookmaker to explore the idea of documenting ones own ‘backyard’ or ‘everyday’. Sarah's photograph's attain a specific quality through her use of framing and choice of perspective, as well as the subtle use of natural light in combination with often vibrant colours.

Sarah Pannell is a Melbourne based documentary photographer whose work concerns culture, landscape and community both in Australia and abroad. Travelling regularly, Sarah’s work observes how a landscape is marked by both history and accelerated modernisation, capturing the tension between these different influences and the result when past and present collide.

With an interest in the photo-book, Sarah has recently launched Tabriz to Shiraz, published by Perimeter Editions + Hillvale. This publication explores the importance of hospitality in Iranian society as well as Iran’s unique urban and natural landscape. Sarah has also produced a number of self-published titles including Sehir (2014) and The Territories (2015). Sarah’s education as an undergraduate in International Studies focussed on 20th century Middle Eastern politics and history which has led to her interest in the region, most recently in Iran and Egypt. As the recipient of the British Journal of Photography’s 2017 Send Anywhere Award, Sarah travelled to Egypt in early 2018 to document the visible signs of decline in the country’s tourism industry and produced an editorial for the British Journal of Photography.

Image: Sarah Pannell, Pyramid View 2, Giza, Egypt, 2018

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