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Anne Zahalka Untitled (Atlas Studios, Ouarzazate) 2015, 100 x 74.5cm, pigment ink on rag paper, courtesy the artist.

Anne Zahalka (10/17)

One Day Workshop
Saturday 14 October 2017, 10am–4pm


Anne Zahalka is one of Australia’s most highly-regarded photo-media artists having exhibited extensively in Australia and overseas for more than thirty years. Her work has often explored cultural stereotyping and has challenged these with a humorous and critical voice. She deconstructs familiar images and re-presents them to allow other figures and stories to be told that reflect on cultural diversity, gender and difference within Australian society.

In recent years, Zahalka has made a number of trips to Morrocco, which resulted in the series Threshold 2015. In this class, Zahalka will draw on her experience to explore the challenges of photographing and representing other cultures, working sensitively with people from different cultural backgrounds, asking permission, engaging local populace, and considering cultural etiquette and laws, as well as the cultural theories behind travel photography.  In addition to this, the class will touch on the practical logistics of what equipment to travel with, how to plan your trip and what research to do, together with the processes of compiling of images and the developing of work on return, which involves selecting, editing, preparing proof sheets, making A4 work prints, and how to develop work for exhibition.

About Anne Zahalka

Zahalka has been the recipient of numerous awards and commissions, winning the Macarthur Cook Art Prize (2008), the National Photographic Prize (2007) and the Leopold Godowsky Photography Award in Boston, (2005). Sydney Airport commissioned a major photographic project titled Welcome to Sydney, (2003) portraying migrants against the backdrop of Sydney’s multicultural community. She was awarded another portrait commission in 2014 to mark the 25th Anniversary of Parliament House in Canberra and chose to represent the employees (not the politicians) in the building and the environments they work in.

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