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Left to Right: Camouflage, eye closed 2013 and Shadowing Portraits, with Clare Rae, 2015

Cherine Fahd (10/16)

1 session
Saturday 22 October 2016, 10am—4pm


The questions that have governed Cherine Fahd's work are concerned with physical appearance and what we look like in an image. She interested in the uncertainty of appearance and how misleading it can be in communicating identity.

In this one-day masterclass participants will be introduced to the history of photographic portraiture and its influence on contemporary portraiture practice. Participants will gain insight into the processes that influence portrait making, whether they be artworks or portraits taken everyday of family and friends. By examining existing images and important texts that have shaped ideas, participants will gain new insight into the dynamics that govern their own portrait making.

The course will bring attention to the unseen details, the dynamic and dialogue, when working with another person. Participants will learn tricks to make a sitter comfortable and to see portraiture as a collaborative process. The course also teaches participants to consider details such as posture, gesture and clothing, the position of the camera, the differences between photographing groups or individuals, the role of lighting, framing and the studio.

Participants are encouraged to bring a collection of portraits from either their personal collection, their creative work, or found portraits to examine. The masterclass aims to inspire image-makers to learn more about their own work in terms of: their creative strengths and influences, challenges they face and need feedback to resolve, processes for researching and the production and exhibition of work.

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