Choreographers: Shelley Lasica and Deanne Butterworth
Dancers: Shelley Lasica and Deanne Butterworth
Time and date: 7pm Friday 18 December 2009
Location: CCP. 404 George Street, Fitzroy, 3065
Admission: gold coin donation

Duelle brings together two solo dances made independently 16 years apart: Shelly Lasica's Behaviour made and performed first in 1993 at artist run gallery Store 5, and Deanne Butterworth's Dual Reperage first made for With the Lot, a project curated by Kyle Kremerskothen and presented in the parking lot outside Lucy Guerin Inc Studio in April 2009. Recognising synergies between these works, we hope that in bringing the works together there can be an exploration of the time slippage, individual languages and the building of a network of meaning and experience.

Both the work, Duelle, and the context within which it will develop, CCP, seperately encourage considerations of time, the stage, the performer, narrative and metaphor. Dance performances are moments that are remembered rather than recorded, with the personal documentation of performances strictly forbidden within most productions. It is for this reason, and as a means of exploring the relationship between movement and the singular moment that the photographing of the performance is such an integral concept within this particular work.

Twenty Melbourne-based photographers have been invited to participate in the event. During the course of the performance, the invited photographers will move amongst the audience and take photographs which will capture both the performance and the audience alike.

Shelley Lasica is represented by Anna Schwartz Gallery.

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