End of Year Gallery Education Program

The Navigation of Identity in Contemporary Society

The photography exhibition One of Us Cannot Be Wrong addresses self-representation and the navigation of identity in an increasingly media-saturated, technology-dependant and celebrity-obsessed Western society. Presenting the work of seven artists from Australia and abroad, the exhibition explores the impact of these phenomena on self-esteem, self-realisation and ‘finding one’s place in the world’.

Drawing on photography and screen-based installations, this exhibition is an example of how visual art can be the catalyst for students to actively integrate other areas of learning in an out of school context—at Centre for Contemporary Photography.

The themes explored in One of Us Cannot Be Wrong will be of particular interest to Year 9 and 10 (level 6) students and have the potential to address the three core and interrelated strands of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) curriculum.

Michael Nichols, CCP Education Officer is available to conduct guided tours of the exhibition and facilitate discussion sessions in the CCP Visy Education Space.

Time: one hour (or by negotiation).
Cost: $4.00/student (discounts apply for disadvantaged schools). Bookings of less than 10 students will be charged the minimum rate of $40.
Availability: 10.00am to 5.00pm Thursday and Friday 31 October to 12 December 2008

An integrated approach to learning

A visit to this exhibition could relate well to a student class project in The Arts & English and provide the opportunity to link to other learning strands, particularly:

  • Physical, Personal and Social Learning—the domain of Interpersonal Development especially building social relationships and working in teams.
  • Interdisciplinary Learning—Thinking Processes and Communication.

Accompanying the exhibition is a well illustrated catalogue with essays and short fiction addressing the exhibition theme.

Image: Darren Sylvester Learn To Adjust, Learn To Get Over It 2006

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