Tips on submitting your work

This year marks the 25th CCP Salon—the largest open-entry exhibition and competition in Australia, and entries are pouring in.

Whether you're a CCP Salon veteran, or considering your first entry, we wanted to share some tips to help make printing, framing and submitting a cinch.

We've put together this simple guide to help you prepare your entry to ensure it is exhibited at it's best.

Paper and printing tips

If you plan on submitting unframed work to be pinned, we suggest that you use paper surfaces that are better suited to being handled to minimise damage to your print. Our recommendations are:

— C-Type print: matte or lustre paper surface. Avoid glossy surfaces as they show finger marks and scratches easily.
— Inkjet paper: choose satin or Baryta stock. Avoid cotton rag stock as it scuffs very easily.

If it is important for your image to be printed on an un-recommended surface, please add a minimum 5cm border around the image for handling and pinning.

If you are unsure about paper types please ask your printer. We recommend Colour Factory.

Framing guide

There's a reason why many of our main program artists choose to pin their artwork over framing. Pinning your print is an affordable and professional way of presenting your work—plus you save plenty on postage!

All works, whether framed or unframed, must be ready for hanging upon delivery to our gallery. If you do choose to frame your work, acceptable hanging systems are:

— D rings; and
— Split batten

Please be reminded, we do not accept mounted only works, or works using adhesives such as Velcro, mounting strips and/or double sided tape. If you're unsure, get in touch with your framer.

Good luck—we can't wait to see your work!
Entries close Friday, 3 November at 6pm.

All submissions must be delivered, ready to install, to CCP between 15 and 16 November, 9am to 5:30pm.

Visit the 2017 CCP Salon page to enter here.

Presented by Leica and Ilford.

Last Updated 31 October 2017

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