CCP is excited to present The Real and Other Places with artists Daniel Crooks, Joe Hamilton, Katrin Koenning, and Sonia Leber and David Chesworth at PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai.

Presenting some of the most rigorous and curious lens based practices in contemporary Australian art, from high-tech disruption of the real world in film, through to iPhone videos—technology leverages the real in emotive and explosive ways. Each work presents a play on photography's complex relationship to the real.

Strikingly divergent in their address to the viewer, these artists mess with time and travel—time is evoked as a place to observe; and travel can be a static solitary digital experience.

Showcasing diversity of practice, the selection ranges from established, internationally recognised to early career artists. Diversity is also present in artistic methods, ranging from the high production values in Daniel Crooks' digital distortions of reality, through to low-fi, high impact iPhone videos of Koenning's immediate surroundings in work commissioned for Shanghai.

Artists have been selected for the innate interest generated by each work; for their ability to showcase significant Australian art whilst also giving life to an accessible, engaged theme. Thus giving the vast audiences an intense and intelligent taste of Australian cultural leaders, while demonstrating a clear and considered framework.

PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai will be taking place from 8–10 September.

The Real and Other Places is supported by Creative Victoria.

Last Updated 10 August 2017

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