Q&A Evening with Dr Les Walkling

QandA with Dr Les Walkling

Digital imaging should be simple and straightforward, but unfortunately this is rarely the case. Often the many resources on digital imaging can be confusing, and time is wasted looking for answers on the web, without much success.

This evening is an opportunity to have Dr Les Walkling answer your digital imaging questions.

Les will begin the evening by discussing the three questions he is most commonly asked:
—Why are my prints too dark?
—Why don't my prints match my screen?
—I'm drowning in data and can't find specific images when I need to, what can I do?

You will be able to comment on all topics discussed and ask questions throughout the evening. Les will provide detailed, practical information that can be applied to your own practice. It will be an instructive and informal event to which everyone is welcome.

The evening will also provide an opportunity to ask Les about the photography courses he runs on weekends at CCP, and which of these would be suited to your interests and experience.

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Last Updated 09 May 2013

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