Is Photography Global?

The Earth. Image courtesy NASA.

Panel Discussion
Wednesday, 1 December 2010, 6.15pm

What are the relations involved in the global production of photographs? In what ways are new technologies influencing, shaping or impinging on these relations? Does photography have a specific place in globalisation? Are some kinds of photography more global than others?

Is Photography Global? aims to begin an international conversation among critics, historians and practitioners of photography on global thinking within the discipline.

Paul James (Director of the Globalism Institute, RMIT), Natalie King (curator/ writer) and Matthew Sleeth (artist) will discuss issues around the global production, distribution and local reception of photographs. Led by David Bate (University of Westminster, London) and Daniel Palmer (Monash University, Melbourne).

For more information download the Is Photography Global? PDF 217kb

Monash University & Westminster

Image: 'The Blue Marble' - Earth seen from Apollo 17, 1972. Courtesy NASA.

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